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An experienced team of Abile professionals guarantees a wide range of business and IT competencies. We execute complex implementation projects of various complexity levels according to the needs and scale of our customers' activities. Our portfolio includes the implementation of new solutions as well as the integration, development, improvement and optimisation of existing systems. We carry out implementation projects in the following business areas:

Planning and budgeting

We are one of a few consulting companies that are able to effectively implement solutions in the area of Planning and Budgeting. A unique, original methodology ensures that the expected business results are achieved. Our implementations are executed with the use of IBM (TM1) and SAP (SAP BO BPC, IBP, IP) solutions.

Financial consolidation of capital groups

We stand as a leader in the process of consolidation and preparation of capital groups' financial statements. Our consultants have participated in the most successful implementations in this field based on various SAP systems (FI-SL, EC-CS, SEM-BCS, SAP BPC) carried out in Poland. Our company approach the process of preparing and publishing reports comprehensively. We provide our Customers with a wide range of solutions: from individual statements to final reports (also in a form of XBLR), with the use of specialized tools for joint creation of statements and annual reports (Disclosure Management).

Our solutions

We offer to our customers SAP solutions that were developed by our SAP experts: Split payment/ JPK (Standard Audit File for Tax (JPK files)/ KAPV (Control of the active status of polish and UE tax payers)/ White List + KAPV (Control of the tax payer status and he’s bank accounts within three areas of activity)

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Using UiPath platform we offer our clients solutions that help them to automize daily tasks within organisation. RPA (Robotic Process Automation) system can be implemented wihin couple of weeks, easy to define thanks to drag and drop interface for creating activity diagrams. It is friendly for administration tasks that are based on rules. Components of the robotic systems can be shared between different projects, teams and areas of the organisations.


Comprehensive business knowledge and experience in the implementation of advanced IT solutions allow us to efficiently lead our Customers through a complex process of implementing SAP ERP system (S4 HANA), without affecting current operation of companies. The success of the project depends not only on the understanding of implemented system, but also on the ability to manage IT solutions implementation, to understand the specific nature of the company and set measurable business goals.


JobRouter® is an industry-independent digitization platform, comprehensively digitalizing and automatizing all business-related processes, data and documents. This includes, among others, the functionality of an outstanding process automation, intelligent receipt recognition, agile document management, efficient data management, and audit-proof archiving. With JobRouter® companies gain a scalable platform, leading them step-by-step or comprehensively to digital transformation: Through its strong own functionalities and flexible interfaces JobRouter® is seamlessly integrated in the existing system environment - further enhancing it simultaneously.


Advantages for you company!

From the very beginning of Abile's operation it was the Customer and his needs that have been the most important for us. Our activities are motivated by a system of values that helps us build joint successes based on the highest business standards.

We cooperate with industry leaders, however, every company we support is important to us.

All projects are carried out on the basis of a reliable analysis of the Clients' needs, the amount of investment expenditure and anticipated profits resulting from the implementation planned.

We use the best system solutions, adapted to individual needs and business opportunities of the companies and institutions we support.

In carrying out the tasks entrusted, we strive to act simultaneously as an advisor and business partner. We share our know-how and experience, working together to find optimal solutions.

We do our work with particular care in order to fully achieve all of the business objectives. The effectiveness of our activities is ensured by, among others, our original methodology of e'PRIM implementations.

We guarantee full transparency of the entire implementation process and readiness to answer any questions at any time.

Our accountability is proven by results of our work and recommendation from satisfied Customers.

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